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Best in Class

Naim Audio has never been a company for jumping on bandwagons. We have never, for example, watched other manufacturers produce, say, SACD players, and promptly introduced one into our portfolio. Our well-documented attitude has always been ‘if we cannot bring something new to the party we will stay away’ – assuming, of course, that we thought the party worth attending in the first instance.

The best examples of this are our first CD player, the CDS, which we introduced in 1991, nearly a decade after Compact Disc was launched, when we produced a player that could rival the best vinyl performance. That made the effort worthwhile and that same player, known today as the CDS3 and pictured above, is still satisfying a great many discerning listeners to this day. Similarly in 2009, we proudly released DAC; our first stand-alone digital to analogue converter. This, along with its many other innovative features, provided the distinct performance advantage of adding absolutely no jitter to signals passing through its S/PDIF connections. Nowadays, with the proliferation of high quality digital media, the versatile, ultra-high resolution capable Naim DAC provides the perfect hub for any 21st Century system in which exceptional musical performance is a prime consideration. This product perhaps best demonstrates Naim's determination to release new products only when they are truly relevant to the market and, what is more, when they genuinely represent the best in their class.

Being Best in Class is important at Naim. We are not a company that is content to be second-best or an also-ran: our passion is to produce the finest equipment to reproduce music and movies within the varied budgetary strata in which we operate.