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Built to Last

Built to Last

We want Naim Audio equipment to last its owners a lifetime, and that is another reason – aside from making it produce fabulous sound – why we pay so much attention to the way it is manufactured. It is also why we source components to build our products the way we do.

Our buyers are not looking for the cheapest prices or the fastest supply: they want premium components and the finest engineering to provide the user with equipment that is safe, and offers consistent, premium performance and long-term reliability and satisfaction. Apart from helping improve its performance, our robust aluminium casework construction makes our equipment easy for our engineers to service and update years into its life.

For example, we recommend replacing certain capacitors in some power supplies and amplifiers after nine or ten years because these particular components have only a finite lifespan. Most manufacturers cannot offer an equivalent service and will not even make that sort of information readily available to their customers.