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Buying high fidelity equipment is very different to buying a dishwasher or a refrigerator. Provided the latter works, everything is fine. The situation is far more complex with hi-fi, which has to do much more than perform a mundane task.

A hi-fi system has to allow recorded music to excite your senses and fire your imagination: it must satisfy you intellectually and emotionally. That is why you will not find Naim Audio for sale in any superstores or internet e-tailers.

Naim products can only be bought from specialist, independent, bricks and mortar retailers who have the requisite knowledge and training to provide the facilities and support such sophisticated equipment deserves.

All Naim retailers have demonstration lounges in which you can sit and appreciate the performance of what you are intending to buy. The store will be able to let you hear, for example, how a system performs with a selection of different loudspeakers. They will let you compare the performance of Naim with other manufacturers’ equipment so that you can be absolutely certain you are making the right choice. Think of it as the audio equivalent of taking a car for a truly meaningful test drive rather than the usual ‘once around the block’.

This process ensures that you finish up with what is, effectively, a completely bespoke system, tailored and tuned to suit your requirements. The retailer will then professionally fit the equipment in your home: we insist on this not only to ensure that the system is safely and correctly installed but also to guarantee that its performance is optimised in your home environment.