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Put your entire music library at your fingertips with the free n-Serve remote control app. For use with Naim’s hard disk player/servers, HDX and UnitiServe, and NaimNet music servers NS01, NS02 and NS03, n-Serve presents a whole new way to explore and fully appreciate your music collection.

Rediscover your music

Designed from the ground up by Naim’s team of software engineers, n-Serve offers a range of easy- to-use features that liberate your listening experience. Create and save playlists, scroll through album art tiles, find and save internet radio station presets, edit and organise your music library, search by extended metadata like performer or producer and more all from n-Serve on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. There is no better way to explore and play your music.

n-Serve is also now available for Mac. The Mac version offers all of the functionality of the iOS app as well as server maintenance and configuration controls.

  • Build and edit playlists
  • Explore your music library by following extended metadata links (e.g. tapping on a performer for a given album shows all the music that performer was involved with)
  • Edit metadata
  • Browse internet radio stations and save presets
  • Super fast browsing experience thanks to locally cached music library data
  • Perform web search for any missing album art or choose image from iPad/iPhone/iPod photo library