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Naim Audio

Naim Audio is one of the most commercially successful British audio companies today. Its success comes from having a world-wide legion of faithful supporters built through simply refusing to deliver ‘me too’ style products. Each of its new products delivers appreciable performance benefits and Naim resolutely avoids blindly following fashion.

For example, it was 10 years after Compact Disc was launched before Naim introduced its first CD player. Now its top model is widely regarded as being the finest CD player in the world. The company does not look upon its equipment as mere products but rather as conduits through which individuals can connect with their music collections. As such the components need to ‘step aside’ and allow the music freedom to communicate with the listener’s soul. Every piece of equipment Naim sells undergoes intensive and stringent testing to ensure that it meets all of the company’s criteria for safety, consistency, reliability, and, above all, class-leading performance that will convey all the music’s passion and emotional content.

Effectively, by breaking all the rules and ignoring “accepted wisdom”, Naim has survived and prospered where others have fallen by the wayside. The efforts of its research and development team are set to ensure that its “Music First” message spreads to even more listeners around the world.

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