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Performance Upgradeable

Performance Upgradeable

There may come a time when your expectations of your hi-fi grow to exceed the capabilities of your current set-up – regardless of how sophisticated it might be or how much you have spent on it. We have always been of the opinion that rather than buy a completely new system it usually makes far more sense, both economically and ecologically, to improve the performance of what you already own.

We have striven never to construct a dead-end architecture and, since Naim began, our systems have been designed to provide logical, cost-effective upgrade opportunities. More often than not these involve improving the power supply to the equipment (although even simply changing the mains power cable for a Naim Power-Line can elevate the performance of most components dramatically!) To this end we produce a range of external power supplies that can be partnered with various components to elevate their performance – something that any authorised Naim retailer will be able to demonstrate in a matter of moments.

Throughout our entire portfolio, products are tiered in a "good, better, best" hierarchy so if your upgrade needs cannot be satisfied by a better power supply, a change of another, relevant, component is simple. It might be that all your system needs, though, is improved support or cabling. We can deliver both those requirements with our elegant Fraim support system and cables such as our innovative Hi-Line interconnect.