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Power Amplifier Reviews & Awards

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  • Hi-Fi & High End Show Moscow - May 2014

    Best Amplifier Design 2014

  • HiFi Critic - July 2013

    “This is a dedicated sound quality led design, with almost no regard to expense. Even the grade and composition of the rubber inserts in the turned alloy feet have been chosen for optimal sound from some seventeen alternatives!"
  • Hi-Fi Choice - April 2013

    Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

  • What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision - January 2013

    Stars of CES 2013

  • Hi-Fi Choice - January 2010

    "This is not a system that shows any reticence or holds back from a totally accurate rendition of what you happen to be listening to"
  • What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision - September 2008

    "Yes there's a great deal of witchcraft involved in making this system work at its best"
  • What HiFi? Sound & Vision - September 2008

    5 Stars

  • Hi-Fi Choice - July 2008

    "Much of this reliability comes down to Naim's eviable reputation for build quality!"
  • Hi-Fi+ - February 2007

    "The bottom line is the NAP 250 still sounds suprisingly fresh and up to date, despite its long history"
  • Hi-Fi+ - November 2006

    "Naim's electronics have come on leaps and bounds, in terms of performance and versitility. The results are well worth investigating"
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