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In-car Audio Reviews & Awards

  • Andrew Everard - March 2014

    "...the sheer power and dynamic ability, whether delivering the full force of orchestral music or simply delivering piano and violin with crispness and amazing detail, remains the benchmark for others in-car."
  • Hi-Fi+ - April 2013

    “For that week I got to enjoy music and driving in a completely different way. What a car and what a system!”
  • Fifth Gear - January 2013

    "involving, enjoyable and rhythmical"
  • The Sunday Telegraph - August 2012

    “the best sound system ever devised for a car.”
  • TopGear Online - April 2010

    "It's also got the best stereo I think I've ever heard in a car - the 2200-watt Naim system might make power headlines, but the clarity and crispness of the delivery for everything from drum and bass to classical is nothing short of extraordinary."
  • EVO - March 2010

    "Its bass is belting and it utilises the Flying Spur's huge cabin to provide concert-hall acoustics."
  • Interior Motives - December 2009

    "We knew from the Flying Spur how to create the right sound staging in the front, but we wanted to create an identical experience for people sat to the rear."
  • What HiFi? Sound & Vision - September 2009

    "Its forceful and dynamic - no suprise given there are 15 speakers and a massive 1100w of power"
  • What HiFi? Sound & Vision - September 2009

    "We're immensely proud of what we've been able to deliver in partnership with Naim: what we've created is a hi-fi system in a car, not a car hi-fi in the traditional sense."