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The Naim Story

The Naim Story

You can trace the origins of Naim Audio back to the late 1960s when a young racing driver, Julian Vereker (pictured right, along with current Managing Director; Paul Stephenson) decided to take some time off from the sport and spend his evenings recording musicians playing in his local pub. What he imagined would be a relaxing and satisfying pastime, though, proved to be frustrating, with many of the recordings sounding annoyingly dissimilar to the original performances.

This perplexed him and so he turned his formidable intellect to discovering what was going wrong and how best to solve the problem. His investigations indicated that the amplification was at fault and ultimately led to the development of what was to become the globally renowned NAP 250 power amplifier.

Naim’s designs have often seemed to disregard accepted wisdom but the inspired, pragmatic thinking behind them has attracted legions of devoted admirers around the world. Furthermore, many manufacturers today follow what was once the heretical concept of removing unnecessary components – tone controls and filters – from the audio path.

Although always able to see the bigger picture, Vereker was near obsessive in his attention to detail. This resulted in Naim’s Balanced Audio Engineering concept, which acknowledges the critical relationship between mechanical and electrical engineering.

As his company began to grow, Vereker resolutely crafted a workforce that shared his single-minded determination to produce nothing less than the best. Every member recognised that “good enough” simply was not good enough for a Naim product. Even now, several years after his death, Julian Vereker MBE’s motivational spirit still drives the award-winning company and is proudly encapsulated within every product that leaves the Naim factory.

Befitting its founder’s original intent, Naim also operates its own record label, which provides the company with an invaluable and unique insight into music from its creation and recording right through to its emergence from the customer's loudspeakers.