Naim for Bentley - Bentley Bentayga

‘Go Deeper’: Mastered for Bentley Bentayga


Bring together an award-winning hi-fi company, an extraordinary driving experience and prestigious British designers… the result?

A stunning audio-visual experience mastered to showcase the Bentayga’s exceptional 5.1 surround sound system, developed by our engineers here at Naim. 

Commissioned by Bentley Motors and Naim Audio, Hingston Studio developed a dynamic film to demonstrate the immersive sonic experience created within the vehicle.

Naim for Bentley - Bentley Bentayga

"A true master-class in British art, design and technology, take the journey and immerse yourself in the best of British."

The short film takes the viewer on a journey with the Bentayga, as it passes through a sequence of figurative landscapes. As the soundscape unfolds, the surrounding environments react and transform, each scene reflected in the body of the Bentayga as it travels from one world to the next.

Collaborating with composer Nick Phillips, who recently acted as musical director for the Dynamo Magician UK stadium tour, the sound design is an intricate and layered composition that touches all frequency ranges within the SUV’s intelligent audio system. A true master-class in British art, design and technology, take the journey and immerse yourself in the best of British. 

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Naim for Bentley - Bentley Bentayga

Contact your local Bentley dealer to experience a full demonstration of the Naim 5.1 sound system.

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