Naim Audio Beta Testing Programme Terms

1. Confidentiality

During testing it is quite likely that you will see new features that Naim Audio have not yet publicly announced. We firmly require that discussion of these new features are kept within the private beta test group and only between beta test members and members of Naim Audio staff. This is not only because that this is potentially sensitive commercial information but that it may also have licensing implications if news is made public before the official Naim Audio release. 


2. Feedback and discussion

All Beta discussions must be kept within the beta group. This allows multiple members of Naim Audio staff to follow discussion and will also provide help between users who may be getting to grips with a new feature or who may be experiencing similar problems


3. Firmware

Streamer beta firmware is installed using a windows installer. Depending on the age of your product a USB cable or RS232 to USB converter is required. The update is not complicated but with beta firmware there is always a slight risk of an update not going exactly as planned! We will try to ensure wherever possible that things go smoothly and will always help recover your unit if things don’t go to plan. Because of this minor risk involved with testing beta firmware Naim Audio recommend only participating in testing if you are comfortable with these concepts.