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Naim Audio Control App Update Now Available for iOS

Update to the Naim Audio App for Naim Audio streaming products*

A new update for the Naim Audio app which controls all Naim Audio streaming products is now available to download for iOS devices. Version 4.4 for iOS features support for the new NAC-N 272 streaming preamplifier, a new link for users to easily register a product from the app and other minor bug fixes and improvements. Android version 1.3 of the Naim Audio app will also be released before the NAC-N 272 starts shipping later this month. 

> Download Naim Audio App Version 4.4 for iOS

A full list of changes to the Naim Audio app is available below:

iOS v4.4

New: support for NAC-272
New: product registration feature
New: Help feature on settings screen
New: User option to show track options popup rather than immediately playing when track is tapped
Fixed: incorrect daylight saving popup
Fixed: multiroom volume control would sometimes control unlinked rooms
Fixed: other minor issues

Android v1.3 (available soon)

New: support for NAC-272
New: product registration feature
New: user option to show track options popup rather than immediately playing when track is tapped
Fixed: search boxes incorrectly formatted on Android 5.0
Fixed: Other minor issues


Update to n-Serve for hard disk player/servers**

An updated version of the n-Serve app for Naim Audio hard disk player/servers is also available to download from the App Store now which includes compatibility fixes for iOS8 and Yosemite (n-Serve for Mac) and a new-look app icon. 

Important notice for customers in Europe (excluding UK)

When we first launched n-Serve a 'Euro' variant existed. All users of this version of the app should delete it and install the new version of n-Serve which is universal and will function as normal. It is important to do so as future updates will not be released for the discontinued Euro only version.

> Download n-Serve app


*The Naim Audio app is used to set up and control the following Naim Audio streaming products: 

NDS, NDX and ND5 XS network players
​​​SuperUniti, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, UnitiLite, UnitiQute and UnitiQute 2 all-in-one players
NAC-N 172 XS and NAC-N 272 streaming preamplifiers

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