Criterion Audio

Criterion Audio is a new, fully equipped, innovative, dynamic and, above all, knowledgeable hi-fi showroom. Located in a carefully considered quiet position, this independent hi-fi dealer offers a wide ranging catalogue of quality hi-fi products.

Its three spacious, stylish and comfortable demonstration rooms are based upon a range of advanced soundproofing facilities, enhanced by its quiet location near Cambridge that enjoys plenty of easily accessible parking.

Criterion Audio makes every customer hi-fi experience unique, prioritising customer needs and requirements. With an excess of 25 years of hi-fi experience, Criterion Audio is confident that it can satisfy every audiophile desire.

Camboro Business Park
Oakington Rd, Girton
United Kingdom
01223 233730
[email protected]
Product Collections stocked:
Solstice Special Edition
XS Series
SI Series
Mu-so 2nd generation
Mu-so 1st Generation
Classic Series
500 Series