XP5 XS Power Supply


XP5 XS Power Supply

The XP5 XS evolved to partner our ND5 XS network player. Its slimline XS Series enclosure, solidly constructed from aluminium extrusions and a brushed and anodised front panel, makes it a fine visual match for its partner. However, as with our other power supplies, it can also be used to upgrade other components in the Naim Audio range. Its low-capacitance ceramic heat sinks, large smoothing capacitors and 250VA transformer give it the performance to match its looks.

  • 250VA transformer with tantalum output capacitors, low capacitance ceramic heat sinks and large smoothing capacitors
  • Supplied with Burndy interconnect
  • Brushed, black-anodised aluminium chassis
XP5 XS Power Supply
XP5 XS Power Supply - Rear View
Technology & Craft

The XP5 XS features the "slimline" XS style enclosure constructed from aluminium extrusions and high pressure die-castings with a fine brushed anodised front panel finish. Internally the XP5 XS incorporates a massive 250VA transformer, tantalum output capacitors, low capacitance ceramic heat sinks and large smoothing capacitors. As with all Naim Audio external power supplies, component and PCB layout is configured specifically to maximise supply stability and absolutely minimise electronic noise. The XP5 XS is hand wired and fitted with sockets selected and engineered to help minimise microphony.


Product Specification

Attribute Value
Power Outputs

± 22V (0.2A), ± 10V (0.2A), 2 x 15V (0.6A, 1.5A)

Attribute Value
Mains Supply

115V, 230V; 50 or 60Hz

Attribute Value
Shipping Weight

9.5 kg

Shipping Weight

200 x 590 x 500 mm


7 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD)

70 x 432 x 301 mm

Attribute Value


Attribute Value

Black powder coated


Brushed and black anodised

Supplied with
Attribute Value
Supplied with


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Reviews & Awards

Latest Reviews
Hi-Fi Critic Best Buy and Audio Excellence, Apr 2015
"Naim is on a roll with its versatile collection of streamers. The ND5 XS works really well straight out of the box..."
Hi-Fi Critic Audio Excellence

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