Service Department

Only a handful of service departments around the world have earned near-legendary status in the hi-fi business. Naim Audio’s team of highly trained technicians represents one of that very small number and is renowned and respected for its outstanding capabilities and the thoroughness of its approach.

The department, based at Naim Audio’s factory and office complex in Salisbury, will attempt to repair every product the company has produced over the past four decades (excluding Mu-so wireless music systems). Naim Audio holds stocks of key components for as long as they are available. Some parts, such as CD drive mechanisms, cease to be manufactured and eventually become impossible to source but Naim Audio was, nonetheless and thanks to its prudent stockholding, still able to service and repair one of its first CD players even though the machine had reached its sixteenth birthday!

Most of the department’s time is devoted to servicing rather than repairing the superbly reliable equipment, and to updating older - perhaps pre-owned purchases – to current model specifications. Such work often involves replacing electronic components that invariably deteriorate over the years – usually capacitors whose performance alters with time – to ensure consistent top-notch performance and maximum reliability.

The service department appreciates, as does everyone at Naim Audio, that a poor-sounding system is the worst advert a company can have, and that happy customers are a key factor in a company’s success. As such, this back-room team is in the front-line of “trying to keep the customer satisfied”.