Exclusive Partnership Since 2008

From the beginning, it was a natural fit for both companies: a relentless quest for the purest sound, alongside a driving experience that is second to none. While the mind-set, standards and pedigree were familiar ground to Naim, our team of engineers face an entirely new kind of playing field – designing for the close confines of a car cabin and an environment capable of travelling at speeds up to 200mph.

The Naim for Bentley system offers the power and refinement of a premium home audio set-up, with an accurate and wide frequency response, low distortion and a vast dynamic range. Adjusted and refined over hundreds of hours of listening tests, it brings Bentley owners the pure joy, excitement and emotional impact of listening to music.

Spirit of Innovation

Delivering thrilling sound within the intimacy of a luxury car cabin – a unique sonic environment capable of travelling at speeds of up to 200mph- is an engineering challenge Naim and Bentley experts met by re-writing the rulebook. For this bespoke system, we started with a full acoustic analysis, every inch of each Bentley vehicle was assessed by our engineers. 

The result? New benchmarks for in-car sound technology and performance.

Digital Signal Processor Modes

To ensure you enjoy the signature Naim sound without compromise, wherever you sit in the car, the Naim for Bentley system uses a unique Digital Signal Processor (DSP) solution. This innovative technology offers a range of modes to optimise the in-car soundstage, depending on seating position and listening preferences. It ensures ultimate audio performance is maintained whatever the road, speed or conditions, and whatever musical styles you love. There is even a super-crisp speech mode, which is perfect for the latest news updates, podcasts and audiobooks.

Tailored To Each Model

The smart DSP also reacts in real time as car conditions change. For example, bass and volume receive a discreet boost when you start the car, as your speed increases and even as the engine notes rise. Bespoke implementations of the Naim for Bentley system are carefully crafted for each model of car, with speaker placement and tuning chosen to deliver the optimum audio delivery. That clever DSP has special skills for convertible models, too, automatically changing the sound to maintain ultimate performance with the roof open or closed. The Naim for Bentley In-car system is widely acclaimed as a class-leader, with five-star reviews, awards and praise coming from luxury media as well as specialist automotive and audio publications.

Naim for Bentley

As two champions of British engineering and design, Naim and Bentley Motors have held an exclusive partnership since 2008. Working together, Naim and Bentley aim to deliver the world’s most advanced music systems – inside the world’s most prestigious road cars.

Flying Spur

The Bentley Flying Spur is a superlative four-door sedan - for drivers and passengers alike. Its acceleration, handling and all-wheel drive capability all contribute to an exceptional drive experience, taking both performance and luxurious interior craftsmanship to a new level.

System Specification

Number of Channels 21
Number of Speakers 21
Amplifer Power (Watts) 2200

Number of Speakers

80mm Advanced BMR 9
25mm Super Tweeter 4
6”x 9” Bass Driver  4
6”x 9” Subwoofer  1
Active Bass Enhance Seat 2
32mm Transducer  1
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Continental GT Convertible

The new Bentley Continental GT Convertible sets new standards in craftsmanship, elegance and style. Designed and built by hand at the Bentley factory in England, it takes the exhilaration of open-air grand touring to thrilling new heights.

System Specification

Number of Channels  20
Number of Speakers  20
Amplifier Power (Watts) 2200

Number of Speakers

80mm Advanced BMR  7
25mm Super Tweeter 4
6”x9” Bass Driver  4
6”x9” Subwoofer  1
Active Bass Enhance Seat  2
52mm Panel Transducer 2
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Bentayga V8

Bentayga is everything you would expect from an SUV created by Bentley. The most luxurious, hand-built, all-terrain vehicle ever made, it is a car in which technology, speed and power have come together to offer an extraordinary driving experience.

System Specification

Number of Channels  20
Number of Speakers  20
Amplifier Power (Watts) 1920

Number of Speakers

80mm Advanced Midranges  4
25mm Super Tweeter 4
168mm Bass Driver  4
210mm Subwoofer  1
Active Bass Enhance Seat  2
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