Naim for Princess Yachts

Our engineers came together to create the most detailed and immersive audio systems ever installed on a superyacht.

Naim and Princess share many design and engineering fundamentals. We both celebrate British craftsmanship and quality. We both have an innovative approach to our work. And we both share the philosophy that creating components ourselves is far better than settling for off-the-shelf options. When it came to fitting out Princess’ latest precision superyacht, there was only one hi-fi brand that could match the high specifications.

From the beginning, it was all about recreating the Naim home experience on the open water – the same immersive sound, but tailored for the unique acoustic setting of 80ft+ superyachts. For Naim engineers, working with entirely new spaces was a fascinating challenge. They consulted many of Princess’ 2500 engineers and craftspeople on positioning drivers, concealing subwoofers in furniture and creating the right musical focus for the open-air environments of sportbridges and top decks.

The end result is a series of audio systems completely tailored to life on these incredible superyachts. By creating a sound so immersive and rich, we’re setting the benchmark for all other superyacht designs to come.


Naim for Princess Yachts News

Naim for Princess Yachts
December 2017
Connection Magazine

Il suono allo stato dell’arte nel nuovo Princess Yachts Luxury S78 Yacht.