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Top 11 Tips to Make the Most of Mu-so Qb

Love listening to your music on Mu-so Qb?  Here are our top tips to making the most of our most versatile wireless music system, as written by staff and engineers at Naim.

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1. High Res iRadio

When choosing your iRadio stations, look for the high sample rate streams.  Many will have different options, for example BBC 6 Music has a choice of 339kbs or 125kbs – you’ll have a much richer experience with the 339kbs version.

2. Preset Your Favourite Stations

You can customise your iRadio presets at the touch of a button, via your smartphone or tablet.  Once done, all you have to do is turn Mu-so Qb on in the morning and start listening with your coffee in-hand.

3. Lighting Control

Mu-so Qb’s backlight can be adjusted to suit your room; there are three brightness options and an option to turn the backlight off completely.  In the app head to Settings >> Lighting, this will show you a screen with a Mu-so Qb.  At the bottom of the screen you’ll find two buttons which toggle through the options.

4. The Perfect Position…

Once you have decided on the perfect spot for your Mu-so Qb, it’s really important to make sure you choose the correct room positioning within in the app.  There are two options, close to or far away from the wall.  It makes a difference, give it a go!

Mu-so Qb Coloured Grilles

Make your Mu-so Qb stand out.

5. Colourful Mu-so Qb

Make your Mu-so Qb stand out from the crowd with a special coloured grille.  Embrace autumn with Burnt Orange, look forward to Christmas with Vibrant Red or dream of your next holiday with Deep Blue.  You can get your grille direct from the Naim Audio website!

6. Boost TV Audio

Did you know you can use Mu-so Qb for your TV sound?  Simply connect to your TV using the S/PDIF (PCM only) connector, choose the Digital input in the app and hey presto, high resolution TV audio is yours!

7. In-app volume control

To see the volume bar on the inputs screen in the app, go to ‘Settings’ >> ‘Other Settings’ >> ‘Bottom bar volume control’.

8. Wake up to your music

Mu-so Qb has an in-built alarm system.  You can choose both weekday and weekend alarms to suit your lifestyle.  In the Naim app, go into Settings >> Alarm clock >> and choose your alarm settings to wake up to your choice of iRadio every day.

Mu-so Qb Top Down Kitchen

9. Take it with you!

It’s easy to move Mu-so Qb around.  Heading to a party and worried about your friend’s sound system?  Enter Mu-so Qb. Take it with you and use their WiFi for Spotify and TIDAL, an aux cable so everyone can have a go, or connect via Bluetooth.  Party sorted.

10. Top Interface Lock

Have you ever found yourself changing settings by accident on your touch interface while trying to keep it dust and fingerprint free? Worry not, there is a setting in the app that locks the touch interface to enable frustration free cleaning!  Go to Settings >> Other settings >> and touch the grey circle for Cleaning Mode.  When finished, touch it again to release.

11. Give Your Mu-so Qb a Name!

It is really quick and easy to re-name your Mu-so Qb.  Very handy, especially if you have more than one in different rooms of the house.  Open the app and go into Settings >> Other settings >> Room name (at the top) and you’ll be able to name you system.  Once you’ve finished, the app will reset itself to show the update.

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