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August 2019
Connection Magazine

We've just introduced the latest member of our award-winning Mu-so wireless music system family...

Building the new Untii Range
24 July 2017
Connection Magazine

As if the design, features and a whole new platform weren’t enough for the Uniti range, a...

10 July 2017

Bentley Motorsport takes victory at 2017 Blancpain GT Series Paul Ricard 1,000 km following a “perfect race” by the #8 Continental GT3.

The Last Dinosaur - The Nothing
07 July 2017
Connection Magazine

Embracing all of life’s ups and downs, the new album by The Last Dinosaur is a poignant and...

Naim for Bentley - Nurburgring
09 June 2017
Connection Magazine

Bentley’s Continental GT3 race cars were on fighting form for an epic tussle at Germany’s ‘green...

15 May 2017

At the weekend, a ransomware event took place that has been well publicised by the media. Naim Audio are currently checking the effects and solutions to the potential vulnerability on our products...

La Saboteuse - Yazz Ahmed
12 May 2017
Connection Magazine

Part of an exciting movement revitalising jazz, trumpeter Yazz Ahmed has a singular, Arabic-...

Bentley GT3 Race Car
08 May 2017
Connection Magazine

Bentley’s Continental GT3 team is carrying Naim all over Europe, and despite some early-season...

26 April 2017
Connection Magazine

Konfesyjne, folkowe brzmienie gitarzysty Daudi Matsiko, po jego współpracy z “elektrycznymi”...

Uniti Core - porady i podpowiedzi
13 April 2017
Connection Magazine

Uniti Core to fantastyczne, niewielkie, czarne pudełko. To jedyny dom, jakiego będziecie...

Naim Service Department - internals
27 February 2017
Connection Magazine

“Jesteśmy w stanie naprawić i serwisować właściwie każde urządzenie wyprodukowane kiedykolwiek...

Uniti Core
19 December 2016
Connection Magazine

Uniti Core to jedno z tych urządzeń, które prowokują wręcz by zdjąć pokrywę i zajrzeć do środka...

December 2016
Red Fingerprint Award | Mu-so Qb | High Fidelity
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