Which Naim is right for you?

Which Naim is right for you?

Explore the almost infinite potential of Naim’s music systems to bring you closer to your music.


Discovering which Naim system is right for you will illustrate the boundless potential of Naim. Whether you are new to the world of high-fidelity audio or are a seasoned audiophile, we have the perfect system to take you deeper into the music.

As you move through our ranges, Naim's core functionality is retained but the sound experience becomes increasingly immersive: your music suddenly has more depth and detail, the power to move you and create an intrinsic connection with the music.

Mu-so Range

Your journey into the Naim family starts with the Mu-so range: Mu-so and the new Mu-so Qb complete wireless music systems which draw on the digital signal processing expertise developed for the Naim for Bentley in-car audio system. Both Mu-so and Mu-so Qb feature innovative speaker design and powerful digital signal processing. Whether as an ‘extra room’ system for the Naim enthusiast, or the perfect introduction to the company’s digital audio technology, the Mu-so family offers real versatility with performance.  

For those that crave more, a first step into two channel hi-fi is the place to go, with the Uniti range of all-in-one players. The NaimUniti 2 sits at the centre of a range of products that feature full Naim streaming functionality alongside integrated amplifiers inspired by our iconic NAIT integrated amplifier design. If you love your silver discs, NaimUniti 2 also houses a CD player with Naim’s unique radial arc drawer and clamping mechanism… just add speakers. 

The next stage up in terms of musical performance is the move to a Naim integrated player. The ND5 XS is a dedicated network player that takes the lead in an attractive dual system when used with one of Naim's legendary NAIT integrated amplifiers.  It’s a ticket to the kind of performance only separates can bring.  If the ND5 XS gets you front seat access, then the NDS reference network player is your VIP pass to all your favourite artists. It was designed and engineered for pure performance, and when partnered with separate pre/power amplifiers and power supplies from our Marque Separates ranges, Classic Series500 Series and our flagship Statement, makes for an awe-inspiring experience.  

Marque Separates

All of our networked players operate on the same streaming platform making them perfect for multiroom playing.  From a Mu-so wireless music system all the way to our reference NDS network player, you can link up to five systems across your home for perfect beat-for-beat multiroom music, or play different music simultaneously in different rooms, all controlled via the Naim app for iOS and Android. 

From an all-in-one system to full separates hi-fi, Naim’s uncompromising attitude to engineering enables you to hear every single note in equal measure and go deeper into the music.

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