Go Deeper: Rough Trade Bristol

To celebrate our recent Naim Records showcase at Rough Trade Bristol, we compiled a playlist dedicated to some of their hottest artists.


We recently partnered with the new Rough Trade Bristol store (a continuation from our long-standing partnership with Rough Trade) and to celebrate, we held a Naim Records showcase at the venue after the Sound & Vision Bristol Show. In celebration of the showcase, we’ve dedicated this month’s playlist to our Rough Trade partnership.



The showcase featured performances from Naim Records artists Harry Jay-Steele and The Last Dinosaur. Harry has been honing his craft for over a decade and cites African originating artists Lionel Loueke and Tinariwen as his major influences. His distinct voice and guitar work reflect this. The Last Dinosaur was founded by Jamie Cameron in 2009. After a tragic car accident that took the life of his best friend and co-writer, Jamie channelled his grief into a new direction. 7 years in the making, The Last Dinosaur’s debut album “The Nothing” tackles the subject of mortality and pays a touching tribute to Jamie’s late friend. ‘The showcase displayed the talent our label nurtures. Harry and Jamie put on stellar performances at the event and impressed an eclectic crowd.’ Says Ryan Latham, Marketing & Communications Director.

Rough Trade Playlist

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Inspired by the showcase, we decided to dedicate our March playlist to artists who have played or are playing at the Rough Trade stores over the next month, and of course to our Naim Records family. Here’s a bit more about some of our choice picks for this month’s playlist:

Phoebe Bridgers
Rough Trade Bristol was proud to host Phoebe Bridgers in the new venue on Saturday 3rd March. The show, in conjunction with RTB, gave those who were hoping to see Phoebe support Pinegrove in March an opportunity to see an intimate performance in the heart of Bristol. Phoebe performed tracks from her latest album “Stranger in the Alps” and is also supporting Bon Iver on his UK tour this month.

DJ Khalab and Baba Sissoko
Italian producer and visionary, Raffaele Costantino explores new musical evolutions under his DJ Khalab guise - this time collaborating with Malian master musician and Griot singer Baba Sissoko. This unique musical partnership, released on Wonderwheel Recordings, produces energetic and discordant electronics which seem to mould perfectly with Sissoko’s more traditional ancestral African sounds. Dubbed as afro-futuristic, this release boasts a rich polyrhythmic feel and traditional celebratory spirit. Keep an eye out for future collaborations with our very own Yazz Ahmed.

Arrows of Love
East London based alternative musical group, Arrows of Love, are based around the songwriting and performance styles of creative partners Nima Teranchi & Nuha Ruby Ra. The wider group resembles something akin to a collective – with members swapping in and out for various tours and shows, adding to its nature as a constantly evolving force, and threaded together by the fiercely energetic live shows and inventive songwriting which are the trademark of its main members. Check out “Predictable” and “Signal” on our March playlist taken from their recent record “Product” which has been dubbed ‘a gothic slice of brilliance.’

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