Naim Records | Sean Foran + Stuart McCallum – “Counterpart” | New Release

Located on different sides of the world, but sharing a similar musical pathway, COUNTERPART is the stunning debut collaborative album of the Australian pianist SEAN FORAN from the trio TRICHOTOMY, and Manchester guitarist Stuart McCallum, (THE BREATH, and SLOWLY ROLLING CAMERA).


Counterpart – ‘a person or thing that corresponds to or has the same function as another person or thing in a different place or situation’.

Indeed, Counterpart is an apt description for the similar lives and musical journeys these two artists take on opposing sides of the world, but their shared musical style and vision coupled with the uncanny ability to craft songs matching each musicians sensibilities results in an album of remarkable depth and beauty.

The duo came together for a few days in Manchester with a selection of sketches and song ideas, and let the album unfold during the recording process. “It was quite organic… We emailed some ideas for songs, a few from each of us, and then I turned up in Manchester and we spent a week recording. We’d never played these tracks of each others before, and really didn’t know how the whole thing was going to work”, Foran says. “Luckily there was a real sense of connection in the music and the playing…so it happened quickly”, notes McCallum.

“After tracking the initial piano and guitar parts we recruited some wonderful friends of ours, bassist Sam Vicary and Trichotomy drummer John Parker to add some more parts to selected tracks. That really lifted the whole album into new territory”, says Foran.

Ranging from lush cinematic textures to delicate piano and guitar improvisations, the album traverses sounds from modern classical, to new jazz, and ambient music. Deeply melodic, with rich textural interaction, the improvisations are captivating, Foran plays grand piano and synthesisers, while McCallum conjures a vast array of sounds from his acoustic and electric guitars.  Sonic similarities to the jazz stylings of Pat Metheny, and modern classical sounds of Nils Frahm and Hauschka can be found throughout, with catchy melodies tracing a line through each song. 

A true cross globe collaboration creating new music, for the heart and mind.

“Lyrical expression in the manner of pianists John Taylor or Bobo Stenson” - BBC Online  

“Guitarist Stuart McCallum’s compositions are exemplary of everything that is exciting about new British Jazz” - Jazzwise

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