NAPSC Power Supply


NAPSC Power Supply

概述 体积小巧的NAPSC是NAC282前置放大器的标准配件,而它也同样能被用作NAC202的升级部件或用来驱动HeadLine耳机放大器。它虽小巧,但却是从这些高保真装置提取最高水平的音质表现的动力链中至关重要的一节。



  • 18V 功率输出
  • 喷砂及黑色阳极处理铝质机箱和避震机架
  • 小巧便捷,仅12厘米宽
NAPSC Power Supply
NAPSC Power Supply

Controlling the power supply element of the system has been a mainstay of Naim engineering since the early days. Just as paying close attention to every detail in design – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may seem – is one of the ways in which we ensure high quality musical performance.  

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