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DSD Playback Now Available for Naim Audio DACs

We are pleased to announce that from today, both the DAC and DAC-V1 digital to analogue converter will be DSD 64 and 128 compatible.

Firmware update 4.11.8 (Naim Audio DAC) and 1.16 (DAC-V1) will enable single and double rate DSD playback to existing and new DAC and DAC-V1 owners. This update has required significant optimisation of the core DSP code which has also improved sound quality.


What’s new?

DSD Format Capability

Both DACs are now able to play DSD files (DSF and DFF DSD) via the S/PDF or USB inputs.

DAC-V1’s asynchronous USB input allows the connection of a PC or Mac directly. Mac users need no extra drivers, Windows, including Windows 10, users will need the new version 2.00.0 driver downloadable here.

Please note: Not all PC/Mac media players support DSD, examples of players that are DSD compatible are Foobar, JRiver and Audirvana.


Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) Mode

SRC has also been added to the DAC-V1. This allows the user to configure a digital input to adjust on-the-fly to input clock signals that are out of range. This improves overall robustness with S/PDIF sources that do not have an accurate clock.

To enable this feature switch the product off, hold down the front panel ‘2’ and ‘4’ buttons and switch the product back on. The “SRC” menu will appear, then using the remote handset select the input on which to enable SRC mode. Once chosen the product will start up normally.


Additional Operating Systems

DAC-V1 is now compatible with El Capitan and Windows 10.  


Applying the update

You can download the firmware update for your Naim Audio DAC or DAC-V1 along with full update instructions from the links below. Make sure you read the accompanying update instructions available carefully before beginning the process and have them open to refer to throughout. If you experience any issues whilst updating please contact Naim Audio Customer Support.


DOWNLOAD: DAC Firmware Update Version 4.11.8

DOWNLOAD: DAC-V1 Firmware Update Version 1.16


DOWNLOAD: DAC-V1 Windows Driver Installer Version 2.00.0


DAC-V1 set up and configuration instructions can be downloaded from the links below.


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