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New Multiroom Update for Naim Audio Streaming Products

We are pleased to announce that a full Multiroom compatibility firmware update will be available to download this week for our range of streaming products. A full list of products included within the update can be found below.
This new update will enable you to now seamlessly play music between Naim streaming products as well as fix some known bugs.
For Mu-so and new Uniti owners, the Naim app will notify you that an update is available. For legacy streaming products that do not have the over-the-air update feature, the software download links can be found below.
A full list of release notes for all products can be downloaded below.

Download >

Products to be Updated:

Over-the-air (App prompted)
• Mu-so
• Mu-so Qb
• Uniti Nova
• Uniti Star
• Uniti Atom

Manual update (Important: In order for the unit to perform the update it MUST be 24bit/192kHz capable)
• ND5 XS
• SuperUniti
• NaimUniti
• NaimUniti 2
• UnitiLite
• UnitiQute
• UnitiQute 2
• NAC-N 172 XS
• NAC-N 272

To identify if the unit is a 24bit/192kHz variant, follow these instructions: 
1. Press the ‘Settings’ button on the remote control
2. Scroll and select ‘Factory Settings’
3. Scroll and select ‘System Status’
4. Scroll to ‘BC SW’. If the code starts with ‘3D’ you have the latest hardware and the update can be made. If it displays anything else then the update cannot be made. 

Important: Before you make the update, please check your software version number is 3.x.xx or above. If it is lower, the update should not be made. You can check your software version number by scrolling to ‘Version’ under ‘System Status’.

If you are unsure, please contact your Naim Retailer before performing the update.

Manual Product Update:
Except for Mu-so and the new Uniti ranges that will update over-the-air, all other products will require a manual update.
To update the unit you will need a PC or Mac and a USB to mini-b or USB to RS232 cable, depending on the age of the product. A simple step-by-step video on how to update a unit manually can be watched below. 


If you have any questions regarding the update or you are experiencing any issues installing the new firmware, please contact your Naim retailer.

Software Download

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