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Harry Jay-Steele returns with his brand new single ‘Ancient Waves,’ the first to be taken from his second EP ‘Can You Hear Us Now’ set for release by the revered and eclectic NAIM RECORDS on the 7th December. The single is produced by Harry with additional production and mixing by Dilip Harris ( King Krule ’s Mercury-nominated ‘The Ooze’). It’s an astounding display of songwriting, impressive in its ability to mesmerise through subtlety, from delicately picked guitar work to retrained and finite percussion; the song has a sphere like magnetism which propels in intensity as it ensues.

Harry explains his inspiration behind the haunting ‘Ancient Waves’ “This track came from a conversation with a friend about relationships; experiencing wave-like pulls towards certain people, sometimes you can see them on the horizon, rolling in slowly or they can come out of nowhere and surprise you. Their force can be incredibly intense pushing and pulling you in unknown directions. Then, some die out completely while others recede to the backwaters, staying with you but may rise again".

After releasing his debut EP ‘Reach You’ in 2017 and developing an acclaimed live show that saw him named as one of the Top 5 acts of Bestival in the Huffington Post of the same year, and with support coming from the likes of Wonderland, Clash and Indie Shuffle, Harry has been hard at work writing and producing his second delivery of songs. In the process, Harry says to have taken a minimalist approach in production to expose the voice and guitar as much as possible. The result of which seems to have paid off in creating a powerful, emotive record with real grit and an utterly unique sound.

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