Munich High End - Music Venues

We are heading to Munich High End this weekend so we wanted to shine a light on some renowned music venues making Munich the city of music it is today.


Jazzclub Unterfahrt

Perhaps the most suiting venue for most of the Naim Records heritage artists, Jazzclub Unterfahrt has been described by Lonely Planet as “perhaps the best-known place in town with live music”. It is a members only policy (you are also able to buy concert tickets in advance or on the door!), currently boasting about 1,200 members although exclusively only has a capacity of around 180 people. The venue, established in the 1978, is in the old beer cellars of a former restaurant for railway workers - hence the name “Unterfahrt” which means subway or passage - under the railway. The club was launched focusing on the genre free jazz, and by the early 1990’s there was a concert 7 days a week.

In 2012 the club won the Music Prize of the City of Munich, an award started in 1991 rewarding the outstanding work of artists or ensembles which has contributed to the reputation of Munich as a music city. The award is currently worth €10,000.

Today the site as a whole is known as the "Einstein" after the street on which it is located. In addition to the Jazzclub Unterfahrt, it houses the KiM Cinema and serves as a venue for music and theatre groups.

Musically is where the Unterfahrt really shines and has been described as the heart of the city’s jazz scene - renowned acts to a steady stream of Europe's up-and-coming jazz talent, it feels on par with grander NYC or West Coast venues but retaining the charm of a small-club and space.


Perched on the banks of the RIver Isar, the Gasteig is not just a concert venue but also a cultural centre. It seats 3,500 people across five different sized concert halls. It’s also the home to the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra who play there regularly in the main concert hall. It hosts the cities extensive municipal library and is also the base for Munich’s adult education centre, the Volkshochschule. There are over 1,700 events each year. Most of the events of the Filmfest Munchen, and many of the events of the Munich Biennale take place here. The Gastieg has been described as giving a lasting impression, built on the site of a former brewpub with strong historical connotations.  

P1 Munchen

Originally created in 1949 as an American officer’s club after WWII, this club, housed inside a museum is still the discoteque to be at in Munich. The P1 looks back on over 60 years of history, based on the philosophy of the infamous Studio 54. In the 1960s, the officer's club was called "artist's studio", then a "Alecco" called Greek had taken over the business. Michael Käfer received the studio on March 20, 1984 from his father Gerd Käfer, transformed it into a disco and named it P1. She was later transferred to the basement of the House of Art and acquired under the aegis of the organizers Klaus Gunschmann, Norbert Schmitz and Roman Libbertz her continued reputation until today. Founder Alecco says - “being in is a monumental appearance, being the best is an art”

The club today has been extensively renovated and expanded. They have high-tech video projectors and elaborate lighting systems that surround the expansive dance floor. The exclusive club often hosts live name DJs who spin the latest disco and techno mixes.

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