Naim Go Deeper : Progressive Rock

We've chosen progressive rock for our November Playlist.

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This month, we asked you what genre we should explore for our monthly playlist. Many of you suggested progressive rock, one of our all time favourite genres, rising to fame in the 1970’s.

Progressive rock, aka prog rock, classical rock, art rock or symphonic rock, is a broad genre which generally combines typical rock music characterised by classical instruments and lengthy compositions. Critics of the genre often limit its scope to a stereotype of long solos, overlong albums, fantasy lyrics, grandiose stage sets and costumes, and an obsessive dedication to technical skill. But debate over the genre's prototype continued to the 2010s, particularly on Internet forums dedicated to prog.

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King Crimson - The Court of the Crimson KingNaim also has an obsessive dedication to technical skill, and we invite you to learn more about our top 3 prog rock tracks featured on our November playlist.

One of the most influential progressive rock albums of all time, King Crimson's debut boasts a Mellotron-drenched mixture of jazz and classical influences, dragging psychedelia to a darker place than it had ever been before. Guitarist Robert Fripp and multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald build on layers of majestic sound throughout the epic flamboyance including an instrumental section called "The Return of the Fire Witch." followed by the song climaxing at seven minutes, but continues with a little reprise, called "The Dance of the Puppets,. Along with "Heartbeat", it is one of the band's only two charting singles in the United States.

Yes - Roundabout

One of the era’s most popular prog rock bands was Yes - and fourth studio album “Fragile’ released in 1971 is arguably their most popular record sitting at no.4 in the charts for 7 weeks straight. ‘Roundabout’ was the sole single and reached number 13 on the Billboard pop chart in early 1972. The album was the first to feature new keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who joined the already incredible musical ensemble of Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford and Jon Anderson. Released at the height of the progressive rock movement, 'Fragile,' as a whole, and 'Roundabout' specifically helped to define the progressive rock genre.

Pink Floyd - Money

‘Money is arguably PF’s first ‘hit’ coming from the monster album - ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ - one of those records that not only changed the face of the industry but became a synonym of brilliance in music-writing by combining together art, progressive sound and abstract lyrics. ‘Money’ is hailed one of the greatest masterpieces in rock music, being loved by fans and critics all over the world. The legacy of the album, as its uniqueness and conceptualism influenced so many aspects of modern music and artists alike. Interestingly, the band were so confident of the quality of Waters' lyrics that, for the first time, they printed them on the album's sleeve.

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