500 Series

Focus is everything.

The 500 Series is our elite range of hi-fi separates, surpassed only by Statement. It’s the result of a single-minded pursuit of musical performance with a narrow focus on enhancing the aspects of music that matter to us most: pace, rhythm, timing and ultimately, emotive power.

Literally thousands of hours were spent in development and hundreds of prototypes were created; countless long days and late nights spent in the lab and the listening room defining, testing and refining until the music spoke to our hearts as well as our heads.

The first product to pass this test was the NAP 500 power amplifier. Featuring its own separate power supply specially developed for the project, the 500 PS, and enclosed in radically new anodised aluminium casework, it set the standard for rest of the range. The NAC 552 preamplifier and the CD555 compact disc player soon followed, along with their own matching power supplies, to create a complete system that redefined the best.

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500 Series Engineering

The 500 Series stands as one of the most striking and impressive manifestations of Naim Audio engineering prowess. For example, the DACs in the CD555 are situated in their own ‘quiet room’ – an isolated environment within the player that shields them from all disturbances. In a similar fashion, all 500 Series products suspend the most delicate, sound critical electronics on sub assemblies, decoupling them from interference for the purest possible sound.

Born in fire

No effort is spared in our quest for the finest performance at the build stage either. The wiring harnesses in each component are scrupulously arranged to maximise signal transfer while minimising interference, distortion, and noise. This is a skilled task that requires the attention of our most experienced technicians over several days.

Some of the component parts have gone through weeks of fabrication before even arriving for assembly at Naim Audio. The NAP 500’s unique 007 output transistors are the result of a collaborative project with a high-tech semi-conductor manufacturer that lasted over six years. And its distinctive heatsink (pictured) is created in a specialised foundry that reaches temperatures well in excess of 1000°C.

500 Series Specialist Retailers

It takes a special level of expertise to properly demonstrate the 500 Series. A range that has been designed with such an intense attention to detail requires the same dedication in demonstration and installation. Get it right, and you’ll experience new levels of detail in your music and most importantly create an enduring connection between artist and listener that will last a lifetime.

This task is entrusted to our most dedicated retailers, many of whom have years of experience in supporting Naim Audio customers. You can rest assured that those listed here will be able to demonstrate and install the 500 Series, as it should be done. All have undergone intensive training to earn the title of 500 Series Specialist.

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