Being Naim

For over 35 years Naim has designed and built hi-fi equipment in Britain that brings music to life. This summer we are celebrating the staff, suppliers, retailers and customers around the world that make us ‘A Great British Naim’.

The Naim Philosophy

Everything we do at Naim has one ultimate goal: to bring great music and sound into the homes of our customers around the world. Improving the experience of listening to music at home was the reason Julian Vereker started Naim Audio in 1973 and it remains the driving force behind everything we do to this day. We constantly evolve to exploit new technologies that can improve the listening experience and meet the needs of the changing music fan. However, our commitment to designing and building products in Britain that bring an ‘as-live’ musical experience into the home, is one thing that will never change.

Get Involved

In our The Art Listening video Roy George tells us his story, of his passion for music and Naim, and how it has been a big part of his life. A special app has been placed on the Naim Facebook page through which fans can share their own personal experiences of Naim, much like Roy has done, and become part of the campaign to celebrate Naim's 35+ years of manufacturing in Britain.

The best stories shared with us will be featured on this campaign page and the single best story, as judged by Naim, will win a UnitiQute.

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Watch Naim's 'the art of listening'

Working at Naim

The culture at Naim is based around a love of music so it shouldn’t be surprising we attract staff with a great passion for, and a keen interest in, music. Here we celebrate just a couple of our own ‘Great British Naims’.

Simon Drake

Label Manager, 5 years

Simon Drake, General Manager of Naim Label, Naim’s very own record label has been selected by a panel of expert judges as a one of 30 rising stars of the manufacturing industry.

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Roy George

Technical Director, 26 years

After 26 years designing and creating Naim products Roy George has built up an almost legendary status among Naim fans around the world. He explains the Naim approach to designing world class hi-fi in ‘The Art of Listening’


Supplying Naim

Our suppliers share our dedication to producing the best quality products. We select only the best suppliers of components to ensure that every hand-crafted Naim product that leaves the factory in Salisbury creates an unrivalled music experience for Naim customers around the world.

Case studies highlighting how Naim suppliers meet our seriously high standards will be available here soon.

Retailing Naim

Not just anyone can retail Naim Audio products. We have built up a worldwide base of retailers that are passionate about music, knowledgeable about our products and will do everything in their power to give customers a great service. Here is what you can expect from the Naim retail experience.

Great demonstrations

Getting a proper demonstration when choosing a music system is essential – we recommend that all our customers listen before buying and insist that retailers offer demonstrations at home where possible. Your Naim retailer will be delighted to give you a demonstration of your own music through a Naim system.

Home installation

Choosing Naim means a dedicated independent retailer will take the time to understand your needs, recommend the right system for you and then install it for you in your home. Our retailers can turn your chosen room into an oasis of sound.

The extra mile

Naim retailers share our love of great music. They love doing what they do and have a passion for bringing great sound into the lives of their customers. This is the difference between a Naim retailer and an ordinary hi-fi retailer; they will go the extra mile so that you can get new levels of enjoyment from your music.


Owning Naim

Since the founding of the company in 1973 Naim products have always inspired a following of passionate fans that really care about music. From Hong Kong to Hamburg and Montreal to Manchester every single fan is different. But they do share a couple of things in common: they love music and they won’t compromise on sound quality.

Your Naim Story

In our ‘The Art of Listening’ video Naim’s Technical Director, Roy George, has shared his story of what Naim means to him and of how he strives to design products that create a musical connection between artist and listener, bringing the ‘as live’ music experience to the home. Now we want you to share your story of what Naim means to you. Get involved by visiting us on Facebook and telling us just what Naim means to you and your story as a Naim customer (past, present or aspiring). The best entries will be featured below and the single best entry, as judged by Naim staff, will win a UnitiQute all-in-one audio player.

Shortlisted Facebook Competition Entries

The winning stories of our “Your Naim Story” can be found below:

Joy Comes in Small Packages – Daniel Burge

It was 1983. I was 13. The poster said 'you're nobody without a Naim'. Could it be true?

For two years I saved every penny. I was in Rayleigh Hi-Fi deciding between Creek and Mission and I uttered the words that changed everything..."that NAIT, is it really much better?”. Listening was a total revelation! It literally sent shivers down my spine... I had to have it!

27 years later and the joy just keeps coming. Our daughter Aurora was born in 2010, and my NAIT serenaded her as she arrived into the world.

Naim Inspiration - Eric Emel

For 3 years from 2000 during Uni I had a picture of a CD5, 112 and 150 on the wall next to my desk. The day I graduated I bought the very system with my graduate loan. It helped me though the dark days of my statistics Thesis! Inspiration

When words fail… - Ken Rieman

The car accident that killed my parents changed our lives. Waves of grief shook our family. When words failed, music expressed the unnameable. Television was replaced by the music that made my parents who they were and shaped who we’ve become.

Deciding to honour music’s place in our lives, my wife and I spent this summer auditioning a dozen amplifiers in our home. Sharing the ‘sweet spot’ in each other’s arms, Kate and I were led to Naim’s SuperUniti and entirely new dimensions of musical engagement.

Just three weeks later we can see. The next chapter has begun.

Travelling light… - William Barrar

In February 2010, and travelling light, I emigrated to Hong Kong with just a set of suit cases. Suit case number 3 had 4 Naim black boxes in it. Probably not the recommended way to ship expensive hi-fi. Now I just wish Hong Kong apartments allowed me to crank up the volume as the system deserves!

The Old Shop – Ray Davis

While at school in Salisbury on my walk home every day I used to walk past a small shop. In the window sat a man with long hair making circuit boards. Naim was the sign above the large window. Now, 36 years later, I own Naim Audio.

Naim is the music in our lives – Bart Newland

When my wife and I met in 2007, our very first conversation was, "What's your favourite Beatles' album." Needless to say, we have been together ever since!

We went from a table radio in the kitchen, to a Naim hi fi in the living room in 2011, which we enjoy TOGETHER evenings whilst finishing the wine from dinner :) Music is a huge part of our lives, and the ability to instantly select music from our UnitiServe has transformed how we listen. It is "variety at our fingertips" and brings us much joy. Thank you Naim!

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