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"...through Naim's array of state-of-the-art systems, you can enjoy true high-fidelity sound and the choice and convenience that inspired the digital revolution."What Hi-Fi?

Embracing the world of music streaming has never been easier. Our new range of digital separates and all-in-one systems combine the convenience and power of the digital revolution with the foot-tapping, spine-tingling musical performance on which we’ve built our reputation.

We handle every step of the streaming journey with solutions to rip, catalogue, store, back up, control and play your music, so you can sit back and let listening take centre stage.


  • DAC-V1

    Digital to analogue converter

    Naim’s first asynchronous USB DAC.

  • HDX

    Hard Disk Player/Server

    The ultimate performance upgradeable digital all-rounder.

  • NDS

    Network Player

    The ultimate audiophile streaming experience.

  • NDX

    Network Player

    Naim's first audiophile network player.

  • ND5 XS

    Network Player

    Slimline streaming from the XS Series network player.

  • SuperUniti

    All-in-One Player

    Naim's reference all-in-one audio player.

  • NaimUniti 2

    All-in-One Player

    The second incarnation of our award-winning all-in-one player.

  • UnitiLite

    All-in-one Player

    An accessible, slimline all-in-one audio player.

  • UnitiQute

    All-in-One Player

    A mini yet mighty network streaming solution.

  • UnitiServe

    Hard Disk Player/Server

    Rip, store and share from this compact digital music hub.

  • NAC-N 172 XS


    Naim's first network streaming preamplifier

  • Rip

    Rediscover your existing collection

    The convenience of having your entire CD collection available at the touch of a button is one of the key advantages of a streaming system. Your existing collection, as well as CDs you buy in the future, can easily be made available to stream by ‘ripping' them to make digital copies. For maximum simplicity, you can choose a Naim device that can rip and store your CDs. The HDX and UnitiServe can both make bit-perfect copies of your music using Naim's custom-designed ripping engine, storing music either to their internal 2TB hard drives or to a networkattached storage (NAS) drive.

  • Catalogue

    Keep your collection organised

    Having thousands of songs at your disposal requires organisation, and Naim's custom-designed Extended Music Database takes care of that for you. The Naim HDX or UnitiServe will categorise every track they rip by name, artist, composer and a host of other searchable criteria, and will even find album artwork to display. You can install Naim's Desktop Client on your computer to search, edit and manage stored music over your home network.

  • Store

    Where to keep your music

    For those short on space, the Naim HDX and UnitiServe will store as well as rip your music, with 2TB of space allowing you to store up to 2400 albums in hi-resolution uncompressed audio. Prefer to keep your music on a NAS drive? Naim's HDX and UnitiServe hard disk players are also available in solid state variants, which rip straight to NAS. And if you wish to listen to your music elsewhere in the home, Naim's streaming players will stream direct from network devices, whether it's a Naim server or a NAS drive. Whether you store your music internally on a Naim machine with integrated storage, externally using a NAS drive, or even a combination of the two, your streaming experience will remain seamless.

  • Backup

    Peace of mind

    It's always important to keep your music library backed up, and luckily Naim makes this potentially difficult and lengthy process easy and pain-free. Naim hard disk players like the UnitiServe and HDX offer the option to back up your tracks automatically, by creating duplicate versions of your ripped tracks and storing them on an allocated storage device, such as a connected NAS drive. This can also be used as overflow storage for audiophiles who fill up the HDX and UnitiServe's built-in 2TB hard drive, with the content streamable by any of Naim's network music players or all-in-ones.

  • Control

    Complete control however you choose

    Naim's free remote apps for iOS devices put the ability to browse and play your music in the palm of your hand. The Naim n-Stream app works with Naim's range of network players and all-in-one systems, allowing you to flick through album artwork, select music and build playlists. Alternatively, if you have a Naim hard disk player/server, the free n-Serve app will put you in charge of all your stored tunes.

  • Play

    Convenience and quality

    Whether you prefer the audiophile performance of separates or the convenience of an all-in-one system, Naim has a streaming solution for you. Choose from Naim's NDS, NDX, or ND5 XS network players with matching Naim amplification or the new NAC-N 172 XS streaming preamplifier. Alternatively a SuperUniti, new NaimUniti 2, new UnitiLite or UnitiQute will provide all-in-one convenience alongside Naim quality sound. They all support a range of file formats too, including hi-res audio up to 32bit/192kHz.

NaimUniti 2

“...if you're looking for the best then Naim has once again delivered a sonic box that delivers a performance that deserves a place at the top of the podium. The Jessica Ennis of hi-fi.” Wired.co.uk

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“The future of hi-fi is in safe hands.” Hi-Fi Plus

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“A storming performer for the money… slimline style; comprehensive specification; winning combination of pace, weight and detail.” What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision

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NAC-N 172 XS

“Rich and energetic sound; fluid and engaging dynamics; detailed; good control app.” Best Streamer £1000-£2000 – What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Awards 2012

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"A discreet-looking but fabulous sounding hard-disk player that marries exemplary performance with extreme convenience." Hi-Fi Choice

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“As super as streaming gets. Which is very super indeed.” Stuff


“This is quite simply the best network music player we’ve ever heard.” What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


“Simply superb… Qute by Naim, cute by nature.” What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision