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555 PS Power Supply

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The ultra-low noise 555 PS was originally designed to power the CD555 CD player but is also backwards- compatible with the CDS3 and CDX2 players. It can further be used to enhance the performance of the Naim HDX hard disc player and Naim DAC.

Within the supply's low resonance case with isolating feet there is a transformer that is 40 per cent larger than that in the XPS with five secondary windings outputting seven regulated power supplies including a separate one for the CD555 clock circuitry. The 555 PS also has separate dedicated analogue and digital output sockets (Burndy) to minimise high frequency noise modulation of the analogue supplies.

Naim Discrete Regulator

The 555 PS was updated in 2012 as a result of a two year project to develop a new discrete regulator (DR) for Naim power supplies. The new Naim DR now features, alongside improvements to the wire routing, mechanical decoupling and internal layout. These improvements, developed through intensive listening tests, significantly raise performance and make music even more communicative and enjoyable.

For more technical detail on the new Naim Discrete Regulator please read the white paper available.

Power Outputs ± 22V, ± 10V, 12V, 2 x 15V
Mains Supply 100V, 115V, 230V; 50 or 60Hz
Dimensions 87 x 432 x 314mm (H x W x D)
Front Brushed and black anodised
Case Brushed and black anodised


Here is a selection of reviews that have been written about this product. Where PDF downloads or online links are available to us, they are featured.

  • Hi-Fi Choice - October 2007

    "It doesn't favour any particular genre over any other; it simply extracts the most from whatever you feed it"
  • Hi-Fi World - September 2006

    "the best Compact Disc player I've heard to date, bar none!"
  • Hi-Fi News - August 2006

    "We introduce what could be the Porsche Carrera of players"
  • Hi-Fi Choice - August 2006

    "It's the kit's abundant musical skills that hold you in their thrall, though. None more than its way with tempo and rhythm. It's a Naim system, what did you expect?"
  • Hi-Fi World - December 2005

    "the CD555 doesn't try to play DVDs, DVDs As, or SACDs. It doesn't have a digital output. The CD555 just plays CDs and at that it excels".
  • What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision - September 2005

    "Complex music is delivered effortlessly but, importantly, without curbing the seismic bass and dynamic contrasts"


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