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Next generation high-fidelity audio systems, hand-crafted by Naim. View more information about the Naim Uniti series and see the full product range online.

Our first all-in-one audio system, and the first product to be launched in the Uniti family, NaimUniti exceeded everyone's expectations at Naim and has proven to be immensely popular with buyers: both those looking for a second system or for one without multiple units, cables and so on. The single case contains a CD player, an amplifier, and a multi-format tuner delivering FM, DAB and internet radio, together with a whole host of analogue and digital inputs. It can also stream digital media from any UPnP server and has iPod connectivity. You can even connect a turntable, if you so wish.


UnitiQute now joins its larger sibling, also offering all-in-one capabilities but in a smaller, more compact casing.


The most recent addition to the family is the UnitiServe: a high-performance hard disk player / server with ripping, storage, and UPnP server capabilities to serve audio to the NaimUniti and UnitiQute.

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Our Uniti range of products combine high-end hi-fi performance with extensive digital audio functionality. They offer convenience and versatility whilst reproducing music with all the pace, rhythm, timing and clarity a Naim badge demands. And they do it all from a single, elegant enclosure. Just add speakers.

The first product in the range was NaimUniti, a player which literally rewrote the rules for high-end hi-fi performance, picking up numerous awards and spawning an entire range of all-in-one streaming products on its way. This formula of simplicity and performance informs the design of every Uniti product. Whether you want the compact power of UnitiQute 2 the ultimate performance of SuperUniti or the slimline simplicity of UnitiLite, there is an option in the range to suit your needs. The UnitiServe hard disk player/server completes the UnitiSystem proposition. Its custom-designed ripping engine creates bit-perfect copies of your CDs and stores them, either on its 2TB internal hard drive or on separate network-attached storage, making them available for playback over the home network.

All-in-one players

From the reference SuperUniti to the compact UnitiQute, the all-in-one players of the Uniti range are designed to be complete, standalone hi-fi systems. All offer high-resolution streaming (up to 32bit/192kHz), FM,DAB/DAB+ and internet radio, iPod/MP3 player connectivity, Multiroom streaming (featuring ‘Party Mode’), multiple digital and analogue inputs, an integrated amplifier and a high quality DAC. The NaimUniti 2 and UnitiLite go one step further by offering CD playback alongside this comprehensive digital arsenal.

Naim sound quality from a single, elegant enclosure. Just add speakers.


UnitiServe is a compact, slot-loading, CD ripping, hard disk music player and server based on the technology of the multi-award-winning Naim HDX. It takes the fundamentals of the HDX; a massive internal hard disk drive, Naim bit-perfect ripping, Ethernet connection, UPnPTM server, StreamNet technology and local digital outputs, and combines them with a set of features perfectly suited to music in the home of today, and tomorrow. It will communicate with the Uniti all-in-one players to create the wireless UnitiSystem multiroom solution.

UPnP Explained

We use the established UPnP™ - Universal Plug and Play - open networking protocol to allow the Uniti family to integrate seamlessly and effortlessly with other compliant equipment on the network... and most modern components do employ this popular and reliable technology. For example, you might have had music stored on UPnP™-enabled Network Attached Storage (NAS) with a previous system: the Uniti players will immediately recognise this device and connect to its music without further intervention and without any need for either device to be reconfigured. Similarly, any UPnP™-enabled media player will instantly recognise and co-operate with the UnitiServe.

UnitiSystem allows you to play music in every corner of your home in perfect sync. Simply select ‘Rooms’ from the set up menu via the front panel or remote handset or use your n-Stream app to elect any of your Uniti players as the master. It will then stream music from its UPnP, USB/iPod or iRadio inputs over your home network* to up to four clients in other rooms and will enable master volume control and selection for your whole home.

Get The Party Started

Set your SuperUniti as the master in the lounge for example and it will stream to the UnitiQute 2 in the kitchen, the NaimUniti 2 in the dining room and the UnitiLite in the study. Alternatively hit the ‘Party Mode’ button in n-Stream to bring every room online simultaneously. Seamless, multi-room audio made simple.

Technical Information

Naim’s Multiroom functionality works by the ‘Master’ product broadcasting a 320kbps MP3 version (a list of file formats suitable for party listening is listed below) of the file it is playing natively to up to a maximum of four ‘Client’ Naim products in other rooms.

Group control is then available from the n-Stream app via the ‘Master’. Only products that have integrated amplification (Uniti range, NAC-N 172 XS) are compatible with Group volume control. Separate network players (NDX, ND5 XS) must be volume adjusted in the usual way. Group track selection works for all compatible products. A list of compatible products is given below.

Products: UnitiQute, UnitiQute 2, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, SuperUniti, UnitiLite, NDX, ND5 XS, NAC-N 172 XS

File formats supported:


  • MP3
  • ALAC (up to 16bits/44.1kHz)
  • AAC, MP4 (up to 16bit/48kHz)
  • AIFF (up to 24bit/48kHz)
  • FLAC (up to 24bit/48kHz)
  • WAV (up to 24bit/48kHz)
  • OGG Vorbis is not officially supported


Please note: only 24/192 capable versions of Naim products can be the master streamer. 24/96 capable streaming products can only act as client streamers. Original ‘analogue’ NaimUniti products (those which require an n-Link iPod connector) are not compatible unless upgraded to digital iPod or full 24/192 hardware. The NDS network player is not 'Multiroom & Party Mode' compatible.

*Multiroom performance is dependent on a reliable home network. The connection can be wired or wireless and multiple masters per network are supported as long as the network can deliver at least 40kb per second to each client.

The UnitiSystem is truly versatile and can be configured to suit the particular requirements of any home-owner. We imagine that in most family homes the UnitiServe, the only component that needs a wired connection (through a regular Cat5e network cable) will be positioned fairly close to the wireless network router, perhaps in the study or home-office. When you come to manage the music library stored on your UnitiServe you have a variety of control options; an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch app, a USB touchscreen, or you might prefer to use its web browser or Desktop Client interface through your computer. The choice is yours. For music replay in the study the compact UnitiQute - ideal for sitting on the desktop - could power a pair of compact loudspeakers.

In the main family room or listening room we envisage the SuperUniti being incorporated into the TV surround sound system or providing the primary stereo system, through its ability to accommodate several analogue and digital sources whilst delivering supreme sound quality. The NaimUniti 2 would also make an ideal living room system, or alternatively the perfect bedroom system or any location near your CD collection. Control is simple: along with using the remote control handset the unit can also be operated wirelessly with the n- Stream app from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch app.

Elsewhere in the home a wireless UnitiQute 2 or NaimUniti 2 with a pair of compact loudspeakers will probably be equally appropriate in most circumstances. However, neither is restricted to use with smaller loudspeakers, so if you feel the need for larger or floor-standing types in any room, please try them.