Naim Experience

A unique invitation to visit us 
In a quiet corner of Salisbury, nestled almost in the shadow of the soaring 13th century cathedral, lies the home of Naim Audio. Within these walls such legendary products as the Naim NAP 250 power amplifier, the CDS line of CD players and the monolithic DBL loudspeakers have been built to provide a lifetime of musical pleasure.

Naim remains one of the few companies in Britain that can truly lay claim to the title of world class in its sphere of audio engineering. Its production methods reflect a relentless quest for excellence over the past thirty years. In the factory Naim’s production teams meticulously go about their tasks following the special manufacturing processes, which enable the Naim sound to differentiate from all others. In one section specially matched components flow down the line and are inserted into custom-designed circuit boards by robotic production machinery. Elsewhere, the Aro, Naim's uni-pivot tone arm is hand-built by the same man who has been lovingly crafting them for over ten years. Every finished unit that comes off the line is subjected to a barrage of electronic tests on the test bench, but the final quality assessment is done by ear to ensure each unit meets our demanding standards.
While the production line is a hive of bustling activity the open plan administrative offices with their generously proportioned modern workstations provide a sense of calm. Occasionally the sound of music emerges from a distant room. It is all slightly surreal, part NASA, part ‘Thunderbirds’ with more than a hint of rock ‘n’ roll.

Welcome to the ‘Naim Experience’ - for the first time we are inviting you to visit Naim for a one-hour factory tour and one-hour listening session to:

  • Learn how the philosophy of Naim has shaped the evolution and future direction of our products 
  • See Naim products being built in order to understand how the latest production methods allied to unique engineering deliver consistent world class performance 
  • See our research and development department where our class leading products are designed. Meet key people at Naim and have an opportunity to ask  them questions 
  • Finally, spend an hour in our listening suite where your wish is our command to play any Naim component of your choice.

Plan your visit 
The Naim Experience will take approximately two hours, so why not combine it with lunch in one of Naim’s recommended pubs and restaurants, a visit to Stonehenge or a trip to the famous Cathedral, home of the world's oldest working clock?

How to make an appointment 
To book your ‘Naim Experience tour’ simply contact your local Naim Retailer who will co-ordinate with Steve Hopkins, the customer relations manager at Naim, on your behalf. We encourage you to bring a selection of CDs or DVDs of your choice: after all, Naim remains as it always has been, a company that exists to enrich your pleasure in the music and performing arts you love. The volume of visitors to Naim can be very high especially in the summer months; we cannot therefore promise that your first preferred date to visit Naim will be available. The tours will normally be available only on Mondays and between 10am and 4pm.

We look forward to welcoming you to Naim.