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  • Hi-Fi News - July 2014

    "Naim Audio can claim to have pioneered audiophile-quality audio streaming. And it shows: the ND5 XS sounds tremendous."
  • Huffington Post - May 2014

    "The sheer scale of the sound is immense... bass seems to be summoned up from the very centre of the Earth, and this glides seamlessly to a midband as vast as the solar system."
  • The Queen's Award for Innovation - May 2014

    Queen's Award for Innovation

  • Hi-Fi & High End Show Moscow - May 2014

    Best Amplifier Design 2014

  • Andrew Everard - March 2014

    "...the sheer power and dynamic ability, whether delivering the full force of orchestral music or simply delivering piano and violin with crispness and amazing detail, remains the benchmark for others in-car."
  • Hi-fi Critic - March 2014

    "combination of flexibility, simplicity and superior performance"
  • Pocket Lint - February 2014

    "Fantastic design, brilliant but simple display, built to last, sounds beautiful"
  • What Hi-Fi? - February 2014

    "It delivers a huge slice of Naim’s addictive sound at a still sensible price"
  • Head-Fi - January 2014

    "Naim has really created a beautiful sounding DAC in the DAC-V1"
  • Stuff - December 2013

    "Proper hi-fi meets Wi-Fi in an all-in-one of small stature and big ability"