Returning Product to Naim ru

ru Naim administrates products returned for servicing or repair through our Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) scheme. The RMA scheme significantly enhances the processing of returned items and offers tracking of any item returned to us.

The system requires that any customer who wishes to return goods to Naim must do so through their authorised Naim retailer or local distributor. Naim will not accept any unit returned to the factory that is not accompanied by the necessary RMA documentation.

Many Naim retailers are able to make minor repairs at their outlets, removing the need to return the item to Naim and often saving customers time and money. If the item does need to be returned to the factory, the retailer will then liaise with Naim to arrange the RMA and the equipment's safe collection and return. Contact your local Naim retailer to find out more about servicing your Naim product.

Only under exceptional circumstances will Naim accept a product directly from a customer.