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n-Serve control app

Control the HDX and UnitiServe using Naim's n-Serve control app for iPhone & iPad


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Hard Disk Player / Server

Naim hard disk players / servers offer CD ripping, cataloguing, storage and distribution either via UPnP to serve multiple UPnP-enabled player / renderers (such as NaimUniti or UnitiQute) or StreamNet to provide up to six streams to a NaimNet audiophile multi-room system.

The Naim HDX is an upgradeable, reference-standard hard disk player designed to enable you to enjoy listening to and managing your collection of high quality CD-rips and downloads through your primary hi-fi system. The HDX is the epitome of performance combined with ease, and will play tracks stored on its integral disks or from NAS, SAN or networked computer storage. There are many ways to control the HDX: remote control, touch-screen, web browser, iPhone. It is the ultimate device for the audiophile who craves convenience.

The UnitiServe brings you similar convenience and facilities in a compact, elegant UnitiQute-style enclosure, with purely a digital output to supply a local system.

Both HDX and UnitiServe are available in two versions: the standard featuring an internal hard disk for internal rip storage, while the SSD variant employs a solid state drive and is designed to save to NAS giving virtually limitless storage capacity.