Your Naim Product Guarantee (2 Years)

This Guarantee is offered in relation to purchases made in the United Kingdom and Eire only and shall be governed by the laws [of England and Wales] [applying in the country in which purchase of the product takes place]. Consumer statutory rights applying under the laws [of England and Wales] [pertaining in the country of purchase] shall not be adversely affected by any terms and conditions contained herein.

All Naim Audio products are covered by a standard 2-year manufacturers’ warranty. This covers parts and labour, subject to terms & conditions.

1. What is included in this Warranty?

If a Naim Audio product is defective in normal domestic use, due to a fault in materials or workmanship, Naim Audio will at its discretion (and subject to the terms contained herein) either regulate, adjust, repair or replace it free of charge within a reasonable time after return of such product during the Warranty period to Naim Audio’s address (detailed below). This Warranty is offered from the date of purchase by the original end user and covers the cost of parts and associated labour required to correct such defects in materials or workmanship arising and advised to your retailer or Naim Audio during a period of Two (2) Years from the original date of purchase.

2. What is excluded from this Warranty? This Warranty does NOT cover:

a) damage to Naim Audio products while in possession of a shipper, retailer, or consumer and not caused by defects in materials or workmanship;

b) damage to Naim Audio products arising due to or from normal wear and tear;

c) damage or defects caused by abnormal or unreasonable use (including repairs or alterations of products by a person other than Naim Audio or its nominated repair centres);

d) damage, defects, deterioration, malfunction or failure to meet performance specifications resulting from:

(i) accident, acts of nature, misuse, abuse, neglect or unauthorised product modification,

(ii) improper installation, removal or maintenance, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product,

(iii) repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorised by Naim Audio to repair the product

(iv) shipment of the product (claims to be presented to your retailer to be passed on to the carrier)

(v) any cause other than a product defect due to a fault in materials or workmanship;

e) cleaning, initial set-up, check-ups with no defects found, or charges incurred for installation of the product;

f) any product on which the serial number has been removed, defaced or modified.

3. What Naim Audio will do and pay for if you qualify for this Warranty coverage. Naim Audio will pay for all parts and labour covered by this Warranty.

Naim do not cover return shipping charges in the event that the product needs to be returned to Naim. However, if the required repairs are covered by this Warranty Naim Audio will pay for the return shipping to any destination within the UK & Eire. Whenever warranty service is required you must present the original dated sales receipt or other proof of purchase.

Please keep a copy of the sales receipt to establish the purchase date of the product.

4. In addition - [Optional] Limited 3-year Extended Warranty

Provided that, within 6 months of the date of purchase, EITHER we receive your fully completed Registration Card OR you complete the Product Registration Form on our website, we will enrol you (the original purchaser) for our extended 3-year warranty. This Extended Warranty covers parts and labour (excluding CD/DVD laser transports, components and hard drives) and, except as otherwise stated below in this paragraph 4, is subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.

This Extended Warranty is offered exclusively to the original purchaser of a Naim Audio product (excluding mu-so products) and only when, within 6 months of the original purchase of the product, a valid completed registration card has been returned to Naim Audio or you complete the Product Registration Form on our website.

In the event of a change of ownership during the product’s life, only the basic two-year manufacturer’s warranty will be transferred to the new owner. Please note that proof of original purchase must be provided. Extended warranty is non-transferable.

Naim Audio will pay for all parts covered by this Extended Warranty (excluding CD/DVD laser transports, components and hard drives).

Shipping costs will be payable as set out in paragraph 3 above.

5. Access to your warranty?

If you think that your product needs service please contact your original retailer. They will advise regarding packing your product if return to their shop is required. The equipment should be packed in its original packing (with regard to any specific transit bolts and/or packing). Many simple faults can be corrected by your retailer.

Returns will only be accepted when arranged through a retailer.

Nothing herein shall be construed as an express or implied warranty in respect of the future performance of any Naim Audio product (including any product or replacement product which is regulated, adjusted, repaired or replaced by Naim Audio under this Warranty).

The terms offered in connection with [Optional] Limited Three Year Extended Warranty coverage are entirely separate from and not applicable to those offered for Limited Two Year Warranty coverage and the terms and conditions herein should be read accordingly.


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