The Future of Hi-Fi

The latest firmware for Naim Audio streaming products and hard disk player/servers offers not only the ultimate in multiroom audio but also in how you want your music to be stored.


It’s just six years since Naim Audio rewrote the future of hi-fi with the arrival of the original NaimUniti, building on the successful launch of the HDX the year before. From a single Uniti product, combining a CD player, network music player and amplifier, the range has now grown to encompass network systems with and without CD, two hard disk player/servers, a streaming preamplifier, two DACs and of course a complete range of network players. And since the arrival of the first Naim Audio network products, the abilities of the range have expanded with improvements and upgrades in software and hardware. Starting with just a UnitiQute 2, or almost any other Naim Audio streaming product, you can now listen to radio from anywhere in the world, play music way beyond the resolution of standard CDs, or even fill your whole home with sound.

Fill Your Whole Home with Music

It’s the future of hi-fi, but it’s possible right now: Naim Audio’s music streaming products allow you to set up Multiroom operation on one device, and then stream whatever it’s playing – from a UPnP source, an internet radio station, or even an iPod or USB memory stick – to up to four more Naim Audio streaming products around the house.

"You can decide which extra rooms the music is streamed to while you’re listening – perfect if you’re moving between rooms"

Using the n-Stream app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can decide which extra rooms the music is streamed to while you’re listening – perfect if you’re moving between the kitchen and living room or dining room while preparing a meal. Activate Party Mode to bring all streamers online simultaneously and enable group volume control for the whole party. No more cranking up the level to try to fill the house from a single system: now your entire Naim Audio collection can
work together to get the party going.

The latest version of the software for Naim Audio hard disk player/servers – the HDX and UnitiServe now gives you more music storage options. If you’d rather make more of your storage space without adding extra drives, you can rip music into FLAC with lossless compression rather than CD-standard WAV, or indeed convert an existing WAV library into FLAC. You can also make a ‘shadow’ copy of your music library in MP3 quality, for playback on portable devices or in the car, for example.

Naim Audio’s entire streaming range can now play music way beyond CD quality, making the most of your audio system with albums downloaded from the Naim Audio Label Hi Definition Download Store or other sites in 24bit/96kHz or even 24bit/192kHz quality, approaching the quality of the original master tapes made in the studio. Listen to a Naim Audio Label recording such as the classic Meet Me In London, or a new release like Empirical’s Tabula Rasa, and you’ll hear just what this new world of high-resolution downloads can do.

Want to hear what’s available on Naim Audio Label?
Now you can sample the entire catalogue, courtesy of the Naim Audio Radio service, streaming a range of music from Naim Audio Jazz, Naim Audio Edge and Naim Audio Classical. You can find it in Naim Audio’s Choice on any network-connected Naim Audio product or online at and

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