Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of our specially comissioned short film and soundtrack to accompany the official retail launch of our first wireless music system, Mu-so.



Following the retail release of Mu-so, in UK stores now, we're excited to unveil a unique short film directed by Tom Hingston (known for his campaign work for David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Nick Cave and Massive Attack) and produced by RSA Films (Ridley Scott Associates).

The film explores the intense and emotional experience of being immersed inside a moment of music - the perfect expressional representation of our first wireless music system. 

"Mu-so will be a gateway to a deeper and more intense experience of music..."

Filmed at Black Island Studios, London, the film captures three silhouetted figures moving through a free-style sequence, inspired by a specially commissioned track from London based artist, Jake Hart. Taking the idea of transformation and the intense emotional experience delivered by music, the film is a visual exploration of how we interact with sound, when it really touches us.

Ryan Latham, Naim Audio Marketing and Communications Director, comments: “Mu-so will be a gateway to a deeper and more intense experience of music for many people. To celebrate the launch we wanted to create something that communicates that idea - both visually, through the film and its use of colour and movement, and sonically through commissioning a unique piece of music from an exciting new artist.”


The soundtrack to the film is an exclusive composition titled ‘Apex’, created by up and coming London-based artist Jake Hart. Hart worked with both Tom Hingston and Naim Audio to create this bespoke piece for the launch of Mu-so.

Tom Hingston, Creative Director, explains the concept: “The emotional and physical response that human beings have to music is a universal truth – yet each individual’s reaction to its transformative effects are unique and highly personalised. This film is about the exploration of that transcendent moment and the emotional relationship between sound and the listener.”  

Apex by Jake Hart can be streamed exclusively via the Naim Audio Edge SoundCloud here

Take a look at more behind the scenes images here

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