Award-winning wireless music system

Winning Streak

Our Mu-so wireless music system adds the Stuff Hi-Fi Gadget of the Year award to an impressive list of achievements. 


When we set about designing Mu-so, our first wireless music system, we knew it had to be different. To earn the Naim Audio badge it had to be a gateway to a deeper and more intense experience of music. 

To achieve this we’ve applied all our forty years of expertise in audio engineering to create a system that is as beautifully simple to set up and use as it is musical. It features six 75W digital amplifiers driving six custom-designed speakers with connectivity including AirPlay, UPnP streaming, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (aptX) and much more.  

Since Mu-so hit stores this October it has been recognised with numerous awards and attracted critical acclaim from hi-fi experts and mainstream media alike. Most recently it won the Stuff Hi-fi Gadget of the Year award, adding to a long list of accolades which includes the coveted What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year award and a 9 out of 10 from WIRED magazine.  

You can read exerpts from Mu-so reviews below. Follow the links if you wish to read them in full.

'An absolute belter.' What Hi-Fi Product of the Year 2014

'The power behind the Mu-so’s sound is astonishing. It drives all songs with a sure-footed sense of rhythm, rich detail and lashings of deep, rumbling bass we’ve never heard from a wireless speaker before.' What Hi-Fi Product of the Year

'The Mu-so is a superb piece of kit. Naim Audio has chucked in pretty much every feature you could want from this type of unit, and made it sound superb at the same time.' Stuff Hi-Fi Gadget of the Year

'The Mu-so is exquisitely crafted with an aluminium skin and a transparent acrylic base... the sound quality meanwhile is sensational.' WIRED Magazine UK 9/10

'Now, the British purveyors of high-end audio nirvana have accomplished the seemingly impossible: Build a soundbar that will make even the most hardcore audiophiles melt in their listening chair.'

'I don’t know how many mu-so customers will move to the higher echelons of Naim Audio but I do know that they are buying a very fine product regardless. In this case bold is beautiful.' AVForums 9/10

'Six 75-watt amplifiers and six custom-built speakers push out over 450-watts of sound all of which is then delivered in such a way that you'll feel like you've just had a warm bowl of honey poured over you.' Huffington Post

'I’ve never heard any similarly priced or sized one-box system do the same. Its combination of clarity and power is genuinely special.' Hi-Fi Choice

'It is outstandingly musically capable, as well as attractive and lifestylefriendly, if that is a significant concern.' Hi-Fi Critic

'It sounds soaringly brilliant. It works near-instantly with Bluetooth, Apple’s Airplay Wi-Fi system, or Spotify Connect, streaming at CD quality... head-and-shoulders the best digital music player I’ve ever heard.' Daily Mail

'...using it is akin to driving a lunar landing craft. Sure it costs more than a Sonos, but less than a grand for this kind of pedigree is unheard of.' ShortList 

'As all-in-ones go, it has to be one of the best sounding we have used. There is real power behind the sound but never does it sound boomy or flat.' Digital Spy 

'...a really well thought out and impressively finished piece of kit with the minimum of protruding wires from a company that has a superb track record for reliability, long term back-up and residual value.' The Ear

'It may be very different from anything the company has made to date, but for all the ‘differentness’ the usual Naim Audio values, and the Naim Audio sound, are very much intact here.' Andrew Everard (Blog)

'One of the best one-box music systems around. Powerful yet detailed sound allied to gorgeous design makes for a stunning product.' Hi-Fi World

'Meet Batman's home music system, the Naim Audio Mu-so'. The Gadget Show

'A gorgeous all-in-one music system with myriad streaming options and six beefy digital amps.' The Metro


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