20 Iconic Albums Turn 20

20 Iconic Albums Turn 20

We’ve been looking back at our history and at some of the fantastic music that has been released in the last twenty years. 


As part of our #MusicMondays, every week we will be looking at a selection of iconic albums that turn twenty this year.  You’ll be surprised that some of these albums, from musical titans across all genres; Soundgarden to 2 Pac Shakur, have reached the golden age of twenty.  Re-live fantastic music that formed the soundtrack to your life throughout 1996. How many times have you sung along to the instantly recognisable, ‘Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide…’ from The Fugees’ iconic album ‘The Score’ or raged with Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Evil Empire’?

We often associate particular songs or albums with memories of times past and hearing them takes us back instantly; where were you when you first heard Manic Street Preachers’ ‘Everything Must Go’, or when Beck’s second album ‘Odelay’ hit the charts with his signature mix of folk, rock, sampling, electro and echoes of The Beach Boys?

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Looking back, we can see how many of these influential artists have had a bearing on the music of today.  Listen to R&B today and you’ll hear Toni Braxton’s soaring vocals, Timberland’s rhythmic genius and Johnny Cash’s unfiltered reality in the beats, chords and melodies.

2016 unquestionably has some fantastic albums turning 20, and most are still very popular, both as vinyl and CD, and in today’s platforms of choice, streaming and download.  If you have one of our streaming players, you can listen to any of the albums we share each Monday through your Naim system on TIDAL or Spotify.


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