Seward - Naim Records

Seward; Not Your Conventional Band.

Prepare yourself for something wildly different and exciting.


Spanish band ‘Seward’ are a pleasure and a challenge for the senses. The latest signing to Naim Records and hailing from Barcelona, the band consists of members Pablo (synths, effects and guitar), Adriano (vocals), Jordi (bass) and Juan (drums), yet they are most definitely not your normal four piece ensemble. Seward share the stage with objects you might expect to see in a back-street curiosity shop; a tin toy soldier wound up and dancing across the snare drum, rusted cow bells clanging insistently and a banjo doing things no banjo has done before.  

Their music is delightfully unexpected and utterly engaging, creating a sense of tension, complex layers of sound and a delicate beauty that refuses to fit into a particular genre; instead the band have dubbed their music ‘free song’.  Seward are a rare band to be savoured, on initial listen you’ll find their music to be a world away from the verse-chorus masses, it will challenge and draw you into a richly tapestried story that will have you furiously searching the internet for more.

Seward - Naim Records

"without doubt one of the most exciting live acts that I’ve ever had the pleasure to see perform"

“15 years’ experience of working in the music industry didn’t prepare me for the oncoming storm that is Seward, without doubt one of the most exciting live acts that I’ve ever had the pleasure to see perform, the album Second Two: Chapter Home fully encapsulates all of that energy and they did it in one… yes one, take!” – Kristian Davis-Downs, Naim Records Manager.

The new album 'Second Two: Chapter Home' and first on Naim Records, is the band’s most ambitious to date.  It is the last instalment in a trilogy of albums that began with 'Home: Chapter One' in 2011, followed by 'Home Was a Chapter Twenty Six' released in 2014.  This new record will surprise you with the undeniable humanity and life woven through each song (a feat not often accomplished in today’s identikit bands), until the last soulfully wrung note and thunderous cymbal crash have echoed into silence. 



As part of their unique world view, Seward encourages the listener to engage with their music through those mediums that offer the best connection to their sound: live performance, vinyl, CD and high definition download, rather than the compressed instant gratification that is consumer music today. The first single from their third album, ‘Sweet Kick’, is now  available for high definition download, with the thrilling full album released on the 3rd June via Naim Records.

If ever there was a time to expect the unexpected, this is it.


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