Naim for Bentley Takes the Next Step with Mu-so

Taking the next step in the Naim Audio and Bentley Motors story is a project that both companies have been working on for the last year…the result is an audio range that embodies the essences of both British brands.


High-end engineering and sleek design are two linchpins of both Naim and Bentley Motors. Since 2008, the partnership between the two staunchly British companies has resulted in the world’s most advanced music systems inside the world’s most prestigious road cars. In celebration of this partnership, we are very proud to announce the new special edition Naim for Bentley Mu-so range of wireless music systems.  Available from the Bentley CollectionBentley dealerships and, designers from Naim and Bentley have been working together over the last year to create a unique and beautiful Mu-so range that combines the best traits of both heritage companies.

“Bentley has a deep and rich history of automotive success and a wealth of design language to draw upon.  Naim worked closely with them to provide their in-house design team with a complete understanding of the product and the opportunities to bring Bentley design to Mu-so.” Simon Matthews, Naim Audio Director of Design

The new Naim for Bentley Mu-so range is distinctive; it evokes thoughts of beautifully napped leather, premium industrial design, cruising down a coastal road listening to your favourite album and joyous interaction with the vehicle itself.  The units are clad in an anodised aluminium skin beneath which beats the 32-bit digital heart of Mu-so.  Integrated into the surface of the Mu-so is a detailed pattern which directly relates to the premium Naim in-car audio grilles inside the new Bentley Bentayga SUV.  The understated new grille colour is based on Bentley’s iconic Portland hue, while the signature Naim user interface dial with its new knurling directly references the legacy dashboard knobs and switch gear with classic Bentley character.  Turn on Mu-so or Mu-so Qb and you will be greeted with the familiar sleek lighting on the user interface and along the acrylic bar at the bottom, with one difference – the addition of a delicately engraved Naim for Bentley logo. 

When asked about his thoughts on the result of working with Bentley on Mu-so, Simon Matthews commented that it resulted in “the perfect marriage of both the performance heritage and visual relationship between the two great British brands”.  There is no doubt that these new systems are objects of beauty and grace as well as Naim standard audio performance.

If you have ever had the pleasure of listening to a Mu-so or Mu-so Qb you will understand the instant smile that transforms the listener’s face when they hear their music as if for the first time in startlingly clear and engaging high definition.  However you listen to your music, the Naim for Bentley Mu-so range gives you every avenue to connect and bring your songs to life.  If streaming is your thing, TIDAL and Spotify Connect are native services.  Use AirPlay, Bluetooth aptX or UPnPTM (high-res streaming) for instant access or tune in to your favourite internet radio stations and save your favourites via the Naim app, the hub for accessing and controlling your system. Create a multiroom layout with two or more Mu-so systems, playing beat for beat in perfect synchronisation across your home. 

Easy to set up and with endless options to connect, these new systems are a tribute to the results two heavyweight British engineering companies can achieve together.

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