Tom Tom Audio

Discovering Tom Tom Audio

Taking hi-fi retail to the next level - meet Tom Tom Audio. 


Jason Kennedy took a visit to the St. Albans based Tom Tom Audio to look around their well stocked cavern of new and ‘pre-loved’ Naim kit, sold alongside complementary brands such as Focal loudspeakers. 

In an effort to spread the word further afield, James at Tom Tom has been building a new website that he hopes will inspire music lovers to discover the potential of a great sound system.

JK: Why a new website?

JA: “What we want to communicate with the new website is the very personal and hand crafted experience that our customers enjoy when they come to us. Our success has been built on the strong relationships and friendships that we have established with our customers, and with the team at Naim over the past fifteen years. We passionately believe in the products we sell and we take great care in the way we supply, install and support them. The most rewarding part of this job is that we get to share our customer’s joy as we uncover ever greater insights into their music with each carefully planned and properly installed upgrade to their system.”

'Our success has been built on the strong relationships and friendships that we have established with our customers, and with the team at Naim over the past fifteen years.'

JK: How is this reflected on the new site?

JA: “What fascinates me is not just the products we sell but the people behind those products. We are at the end of a chain of specialists - demonstrating, supplying and supporting the outstanding products that Naim produce. Behind those products is a team of unique characters with incredible stories to tell. For instance, when we visit the factory we inevitably end up chatting with Roy George or one of his team. These impromptu chats are fascinating and provide a real insight into what motivates these engineers and how this translates into the products they design. It struck me that the best way to understand Naim and their products would be to share these conversations on our new website.”

JK: Why Naim?

JA: “As both a lifelong music lover and audio enthusiast, as well as from a professional point of view, Naim ticks all the boxes for me. They have been producing milestone audio products in the UK for over 40 years, many of which have now gained near mythical status and the majority of which can still be serviced at the factory. I take enormous pride in representing such outstanding British engineering.”

Tom Tom is clearly not your average retailer, and this is reflected in their new site, it features a stop-motion system building video and drawings of David Bowie, alongside all sorts of intriguing features. It’s not obvious that this site is about selling kit at all, which makes a refreshing change, the Tom Tom Audio seems to say that hi-fi should be all about enjoying music and having fun. If you want to know more about this innovative shop and discover the rich heritage that it keeps alive take a look at the site today.

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