The Hyundai Mercury Prize

This year we saw Sampha take home the trophy. 


Every September the Hyundai Mercury Prize comes round. Originally established in 1992 as an alternative to the Brit Awards, the Mercurys promote and recognise the best of UK and Irish music and the artists who produce it. The prize has no specific categories but supports artistic achievement across a range of contemporary music genres of all sounds and identities.

Back in 1992, the first ever winner was Primal Scream for their album Screamadelica. In 2015, a special Naim Records artist, ESKA was nominated for Album of the Year and this year we saw Sampha take home the trophy. 

Here at Naim we believe it’s important to take time out to honour the more forward-thinking and innovative approach to making, marketing and listening to music.

We celebrate and enjoy the best music on the best audio systems. Quality without compromise. So to mark the annual awards show, here are our top 3 Mercury Albums of the Year because we believe everyone deserves recognition. 

Our Top 3 Nominees

Glass Animals

Nominated this year for their second album ’How to be a Human’, Glass Animals stand out for their true GLOBAL breakthrough status boasting a big US following. Fronted by Dave Bayley who tells colourful stories through groove based classic indie.

Loyle Carner
Dubbed as ‘confessional hip hop’, South London boy Loyle was nominated for his debut record ‘Yesterday’s Gone’. In a time where grime is global, he is not your usual MC but more poetic and soulful.

J Hus
Emerging from the rising UK afrobeats scene, J Hus' lead single ‘Did You See’ features on Mercury nominated record ‘Common Sense’. The record boasts a mature blend of more classic hip hop, grime and soul but still on that UK hype of afrobeat and basement. 

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