Backstage with Rough Trade

We’ve recently kitted out the new Rough Trade Bristol store with a range of CD players and amplifiers. Read more about this exciting new partnership.


Naim is proud to announce that it has partnered with Rough Trade Bristol. The collaboration is a continuation of our long-standing partnership with Rough Trade – whom we have been supplying with CD players and amplifiers since 2007. The partnership celebrates the merging of two brands that strive to celebrate independent thinking, creativity and discovery through music. A selection of products are now on display in-store – playing back music to customers, for the optimal audio experience. 

Rough Trade opened its first store in West London in 1976 and has since grown a reputation as one of London’s premier record stores – with 2 stores in the city and expansions nationwide to Nottingham and Bristol. Rough Trade stores attract a crowd of independent thinkers who seek an alternative listening experience. The brand expanded stateside in 2013, with its flagship New York store in Brooklyn.

"This is a partnership between two brands who strive for individuality." Ryan Latham

Naim has recently installed multiple amplifiers and a CD player in the brand new Rough Trade Bristol store - including a NAP100, Nait XS 2, a CD5 XS and a Stageline. This integrated system will allow customers to listen to music in-store, at the best possible quality – as the artist intended for it to be.

“We are very excited to be working with Rough Trade Bristol. This is a partnership between two brands who strive for individuality. Music is also at the very core of what we do. As well as supplying stores with equipment, we are also looking forward to collaborating on events and integrating Naim Records into the partnership.” Ryan Latham, Marketing & Communications Director.

You can experience Naim products at the Rough Trade Bristol store now. Rough Trade Bristol, 3 New Bridewell, Nelson Street, Bristol BS1 2QD.

Products are in store for reference only – we do not sell through Rough Trade. To see a list of our retailers, click here

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