SPOTLIGHT - Naim Classics: Allegri String Quartet

We’ve decided to delve deep into Naim Records classic artists and look back at the heritage of our label.


For our February playlist we’ve chosen The Allegri String Quartet as our spotlight artist.

The Allegri String Quartet was initially founded in 1953 by Eli Goren and William Pleeth boasting being Britain's longest-running chamber music ensemble, sustained over six decades by successive generations of performers.

The quartet has played a key role in the British classical musical scene - working with composers such as Benjamin Britten, Michael Tippett, Elizabeth Maconchy, John Woolrich, Peter Fribbins, Anthony Payne, James MacMillan, Matthew Taylor and most recently Alec Roth.

Naim released many albums with the Allegri String Quartet showing many examples of their brilliant expertise in interpretation. The group's deep musicality and superlative technique create unique dynamics across the releases. The recordings were recorded in various venues - all chosen for their famous acoustics - such as the Henry Wood Hall in London - integral to the quality Naim embodies across the audio and record companies.



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