Jason Gould Experiences the New Focal Chora Range

We’ve got a lovely new product showroom here in Salisbury, which allows us to demonstrate any Naim product, alongside an array of matched Focal speakers. This week saw the arrival of the newest Focal range – Chora –  and our Naim Brand Ambassador, Jason Gould, couldn’t wait to have a play. Here are his thoughts!


The first thing that surprised me was the way in which the presence of a loudspeaker disappeared from the listening room, immediately engaging you in uncontrived and unbiased musicality, playing any genre you cared to pass through them.

One of the most surprising things was that this first impression came from their entry point 806, a ‘bookshelf’ stand-mounted design, priced at £699.  

At this level, you would consider it’s natural partner from the Naim Audio stable to be a Uniti Atom (which does provide stunning results).

However, what did become apparent very soon on, was how the 806 held its own as the electronics were improved.

For me, the ‘acid’ test for any loudspeaker is its ability to allow further upgrades within the Hi-Fi system to shine and in this case moving up through the ranks to ND5 XS 2NAIT XS 3 and then further on to NDX 2SUPERNAIT 3, the Chora 806 had left no doubt to the sonic improvements and capabilities of each component, were typically an entry point loudspeaker would become a ‘bottleneck’, masking any gains and very often than not, become fatiguing.

Ultimately, the new Focal Chora range of loudspeakers provide integrity to your favourite tracks, remove any question marks which may have surrounded some of your music collection and help broaden your music horizons.


Learn more about the Focal Chora range here:

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