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April 2020
Connection Magazine

We are pleased to release a new version of the Naim control app, which brings some extra...

Naim Service Department - internals
24 February 2017
Connection Magazine

“We can service or repair just about anything we’ve ever made”,­ say the Naim Service Department...

06 February 2017
Connection Magazine

A new partnership with the Salisbury Community Interest Company,...

Harry Jay-Steele - Naim Records
31 January 2017
Connection Magazine

Musician, guitarist and producer Harry Jay-Steele presents his debut single ‘Reach You’ via ...

Uniti Core
31 December 2016
Connection Magazine

It's time to get under the skin of Naim's new industry reference hard-disk server...

Mu-so Hints and Tips
15 December 2016
Connection Magazine

There’s so much you can do with your Mu-so wireless music systems, and with endless music to...

08 December 2016
Connection Magazine

Yazz Ahmed has been making serious waves...

Mu-so Multiroom
08 December 2016
Connection Magazine

Play your music in up to five rooms...

Inside the New Uniti
26 October 2016
Connection Magazine

When Naim announces ‘a very significant launch’, you sit up and take notice – and when it turns...

07 October 2016
Connection Magazine

Taking the next step in the Naim Audio and Bentley Motors story is a project that both companies...

06 October 2016
Connection Magazine

Introducing the revolutionary new streaming platform by Naim: Uniti.

Naim for Bentley - Bentley Bentayga
16 August 2016
Connection Magazine
Mu-so UI
15 August 2016
Connection Magazine

Getting under the skin of our favourite UI..

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